The curtain has closed on 2016. Left in its wake is a world demanding change. No longer content to accept the status quo, the masses expressed their discontent through several very unexpected votes both in Europe and in the USA. The underlying global economy continues to struggle in direct opposition to the promise of renewed optimism projected by a very few in some circles.

Current economic conditions have been papered over since the 2008/2009 meltdown and we have never really recovered from it. Any corrective actions taken on the part of our new leadership going forward will take longer to implement and simply delay the inevitable correction and reset that must take place. Please remember that current conditions, outcomes and future events have been decades in the making. The trend will remain on course over the next few years. Some experts project a prolonged period of stagnation stretching out into the mid 2020’s.

Our lifestyles will change and those changes will take place by choice or be forced upon us incrementally. Individuals can be certain that any steps taken to protect and preserve their quality of life must be the responsibility of the individual. The system is not designed to protect the financial security and well being of the individual investor. There still is some time left to plan and take defensive action. Many of us have worked years to accumulate what we have today and it is our responsibility to protect it. Precious metals continue to offer economic protection from unexpected events.

It has been said that when the tide goes out we discover who has been swimming without a bathing suit.

Many things will be revealed to us all over the next several years. Most of which we already know about at one level or another.

Happy New Year!