JP Morgan Silver Price Rigging Case Overturned on Appeal

US Appeals Court overturns Dismissal in Silver Rigging Case against JPMorgan. Last June, JPMorgan Chase & Co had won the dismissal of three private antitrust lawsuits, including from hedge fund manager Daniel Shak, accusing the largest U.S. bank of rigging a market for silver futures contracts traded on COMEX.The lawsuits accused JPMorgan of having in

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20 Year official “Strong Dollar Policy” in Question.

The new administration is sending mixed signals regarding the "Strong Dollar" policy which has been in force for 20 years. While the policy may have served previous administrations well, it seems that there are opposing forces at work. Many of the administrations goals and objectives would support a stronger dollar yet make competitive trade overseas

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Global Debt Hits 325% Of World GDP, Rises To Record $217 Trillion

As the global economy slows down, debt loads will increase. The only option left is to print more money in the hope of delaying the inevitable debt default. Everything will be attempted before the world accepts default. The following article establishes just how huge the global debt is.... Originally posted by Tyler Durden,  Zero Hedge, 

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November Chinese Gold demand very strong!

The monthly gold demand in 2016 for Chindia (China and India) has averaged roughly 250 metric tonnes per MONTH. That demand alone accounts for ALL of the annual global mining output on our planet Earth. The volume of physical gold withdrawn from vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) in November accounted for 215 tonnes,

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Deutsche Bank to pay $38 million in U.S. silver price fixing case

Deutsche Bank to pay $38 million in U.S. silver price-fixing case. Deutsche Bank AG (DBKGn.DE) has agreed to pay $38 million to settle U.S. litigation over allegations it illegally conspired with other banks to fix silver prices at the expense of investors, according to court papers filed on Monday. The settlement, disclosed in papers filed

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