French 20 Franc

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  • Condition: Circulated
  • Purity: 21.6 Karat
  • Weight: 0.2074 Troy oz.
  • Fine Gold Content: 0.1867 Troy oz.

Originally issued from 1898 to 1914, 20 Franc Gold Roosters celebrate the Gallic Rooster—or le coq gaulois—France’s unofficial national symbol since as far back the middle ages. Each 20 Franc Gold Rooster contains .1867 Troy Ounces of Pure Gold and is available in AU condition or better.

The obverse of each Gold Rooster features the beautiful head of France’s ThirdRepublic, established after Napoleon III’s catastrophic defeat in the War of 1870. The republic remained in place until 1940, when it collapsed at the hands of the Second World War. The obverse is also inscribed with the words REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE.

The reverse of each 20 Franc Gold Rooster features a proud and fully-plumed cockerel, which has evolved to symbolize the fighting spirit of the French Revolution. Each coin is inscribed with the words 20 FCS and LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE, which means Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, sentiments popularized during the coup d’état against Louis XVI.

20 Franc Gold Roosters dated 1907-1914 were officially re-struck in 1921 and then again from 1951-1960. Yet after more than 600 illustrious years of circulation, France abandoned the franc in 2002, officially adopting the Euro.

The Paris Mint (or Monnaie de Paris) was established in 864, making it the oldest institution in France. The franc—France’s official form of currency for centuries—has enjoyed a grand, though often turbulent history, since its 1360 inception.


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